It’s hard to take constructive criticism…

The other day I was talking with a friend of mine about his father. He stated to me that it’s hard for him to receive any form of constructive criticism from his father. I asked him why couldn’t you receive it. He stated, “because my father never offered any kind of support or love when I was being reared as a child and teenager”. His thoughts were like that because he was viewing his father as a disciplinarian and not a caring dad.

When a child/teenager doesn’t feel loved by their father, it could have a significant impact on their adulthood. In this case, the father tried to be a father after years of not bonding , “loving on”, or caring for his son. This impacted the son because now he thought that was a way to raise his children. My friend explained to me that he had to go to counseling ,in order, for him to be what his children wanted him to be. Fellas, please do not be afraid of counseling! Counseling will benefit you in more ways than none.

A father cannot just be a disciplinarian but he needs to be a promoter, protector, priest, and provider. If you look at these particular words , they will offer some advice on how to balance the constructive criticism and being a person who honestly cares!

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